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Not More Rain.

ImageToday is my writing group day so I shall be reading some of my BBC Short Story to the members. It’s only a small group which is great for someone like me who gets nervous about reading aloud. Though, I do understand that I should, at my age, overcome my fear and stand proud to show off my achievements. Twice I have been asked to read my winning work out, but have backed down because I felt I would make a fool of myself.

The weather isn’t great today, here we have more rain. By the end of this month I may find I have a swimming pool in my garden instead of a pond. I do hope we start having so dry weather soon.

I hope you all have a great day.



I've been busy learning the skills to become a writer over the last 10 years by writing short stories. After winning two short stories competition, I hope to find a publisher for my novels.

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