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Great weather for Ducks and Writers Too.

Swan My dear friend Ana and I try to walk as often as we can even in this awful weather we’ve been having. Having time away from my keyboard helps to free my mind and body as sitting in the same position for too long isn’t good for me.

The footpaths that we take around our village, may at first seem quite dull to some people as Ana and I have been walking the same routes together for over fifteen years now, but we can honestly say no two days are alike as there is always something different to see.

My writing days aren’t the same either. Some days the ideas and words flow easily where on other days it’s hard to get started or to settle. Staying focused can be hard if your words aren’t saying what you want them to say. This is a good time  to go off and do something different to allow your mind to free itself and take a step back.

I can understand hitting the daily word count maybe important if you have a deadline to meet, but if all you are doing is writing rubbish and then having to delete those words, it can be soul destroying.  By forcing yourself to write for tFollowing a pathhe sake of writing something can be disheartening, so a walk to free your mind and body will do you and your writing a power of good.

The great writer, Stephen King would walk three miles every day before settling down to write, so by taking a leaf out of his book, we could find ourselves on the bestseller list someday soon too.

Have a great day whatever you are doing.

Paula R C.



I've been busy learning the skills to become a writer over the last 10 years by writing short stories. After winning two short stories competition, I hope to find a publisher for my novels.

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