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Following my heart, I’m following my dream.

GoalsJust lately awful lot of people have been selling me the virtues of self-publishing, which has got me thinking. Is it just me… or has anyone else set themselves a goal in life when it comes to their writing?

I feel I need to point out that when I started writing 12 years ago I had only one aim and that was to be published in hardback by a big publishing house. It has nothing to do with being better than anyone else, or making huge sums of money, but everything to do with achieving something for myself.

Starting from a standing position I had to learn everything from basic writing skills, to everything about the world of publishing.

I have no desire to be self-published my dream is to be published by a publishing house.

I’ve nothing against others self-publishing, if that is what they have chosen for themselves. Good on them. I’m pleased that they are brave enough to go down that route, but it isn’t what I set out to do.

goals3I decided what path I was going to travel when I set off on my writing journey. First I wanted to learn to write well, starting with short stories and then by improving all the time on my ability to became a master storyteller and write novels.

Now I’ve had some success with short stories I’m now working towards getting my first novel published.

I’ve completed two though I’m not happy with them enough to send out anywhere. My third novel is the first I feel more confidence with and this is the one I shall be pushing to get published.

You have to believe in yourself for others to believe in you.

Have a great day and keep following your dream,

Best wishes always,

Paula R C




After years of learning as much as I can from books, I’ve finally feel I’ve mastered the skills needed to become a confidence writer. I’ve worked main on building a C.V of published short stories and competition wins to focus on my novels.

4 thoughts on “Following my heart, I’m following my dream.

  1. I love reading short stories and a lot of great writers do both. I think there is a specific talent in writing them – you have to be totally organized and have a good punch and I think that is great preparation for writing a novel. I would also like to be published some day. I’ve written two clunker novels I wouldn’t dare show anyone, but I’m going to try again this summer. Good luck to you!

    1. I’ve learnt my trade by writing short stories and entering competitions, BCMom. as you say it gives you a good grounding for writing novels too. I feel you need to write two to three novels before you write a novel someone would want to read. Good luck to you with your writing.

  2. The most important thing is to go for what you want, and what suits you best. Choosing self-publishing or traditional is such a personal choice, and you have to follow your dreams for that! Good luck with it 🙂

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