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As the rain falls… A small voice within calls.

Who are you when you writeIt is interesting what comes to  mind when we allow our minds a little time to stop and think for itself. Most of the time our minds are busy solving problems for us, mulling over thoughts and emotional things, which we feel are important. Giving space and time all sort of things will pop into our heads and we’re left wondering where it came from.

I have just been reading a question on a fellow blogger’s blog. They asked the question, ‘who are you when you write?’

This got me thinking.

My answer was pretty simple.  I’m me when I write. I become Paula the writer, the wordsmith. I now have my own writer’s voice

They came back and said, ‘But isn’t your writer’s voice the same as your own personal one?’

In a way I guess, they are right, but I also think as writers we have two unique voices. Who we are as a person and our writing voice. Our written language is far different from our spoken language. I have a regional accent this doesn’t come across in my writing as I take on my different characters’ voices, yet my writing stay true to me.  

Do you think you give much of yourself away in your style of writing?

I think we all  keep something of ourselves back. Only those close to you, know more about the real you. I think we are different people to all around us. The characters I write allow me to explore other elements of myself which are even unknown to me. Frightening, but true. I like to think I’m a gentle person at heart but I explore  murder from the point of view of the criminal, what  makes them tick, allows  me to explore my darker side.

I like it when people read my work and say, I never would have believed you could write so dark. 🙂

As the rain falls steadily outside as the season becomes true to itself, there is less things to keep me away from my keyboard. I know my still small voice inside my head will be keeping me busy as I take on my main character’s voice while I’m finishing my novel.

So I shall ask you the same question.

Who are you while you are writing?

Have an amazing day,

Paula R. C.




After years of learning as much as I can from books, I’ve finally feel I’ve mastered the skills needed to become a confidence writer. I’ve worked main on building a C.V of published short stories and competition wins to focus on my novels.

5 thoughts on “As the rain falls… A small voice within calls.

  1. When I’m not writing I can be relentless positive and cheery.

    When I write fiction I can let the grief out, explore it through the eyes of another person.

    For me, that’s quite a big distinction, I can say what I need to say in the voice of another. Y’know, that’s such a good question – deceptively simple but actually the answer is very complex.

  2. I don’t think I knew you’d moved your blog, Paula! I’m glad I’ve found you again anyway 🙂 I become someone else entirely when I write – as soon as I let “me” muscle in, I know I’m doomed to failure x

    1. Thank you for finding me and leaving a comment, Teresa. I was having so much trouble uploading pictures and photos on blogger. It took me some time to work wordpress out but I’m very happy here now.

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