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Black Friday! No, the Magic of Books!

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAWhat is this rush for buying stuff on a Friday? It all seems strange to me, in this world of plenty. That you should want to fight with someone over stuff you can buy any day of the week. After Christmas comes the sales when no one has the money to buy anything. ūüė¶

So why rush to be broke on Black Friday?

I’m not one for giving advice, but why not plan for once to have a Christmas without gifts, surely a Christmas of give one’s time for your family and friends¬†is far greater than being in debt.

Have a Christmas where you sit around the table to¬†sharing a meal you’ve all lovingly shared in the buying, making and eating of¬†together is far better than the giving of gifts, which leave you broke and in debt throughout the coming¬†new year.

Maybe you can all sharing in the buy of gifts after Christmas, make a planned date, when the rush is over, to get together. I believe the sharing of gifts by the three wise men¬†wasn’t about the gifts themselves, but about the three wise men being¬†there for the family when they needed them most.

Black Friday, so I’m led to believe is about people rushing to buy stuff being sold off cheaply. Now as a writer, I wish there was a rush to buy books. Books at one time were treasured above all other gifts, because of the knowledge, enjoyment and pleasure they give between their covers.

Why not buy a book?

Give someone the pleasure that can last more than a hour, that can be dipped into at leisure, and once read and the knowledge shared with the reader, it can then be passed on for someone else to enjoy.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA Do you remember a book you read as a child?

I remember sitting quietly in a corner of the room, listening to my family talking, laughing and sharing stories of past Christmases, while I was reading a Rupert Bear Annual.

The magic of being taken far away on an adventure while still being the same room as my family was magical to me.

That’s the Magic of Books ūüôā

Have a great weekend,

Paula R. C.



After years of learning as much as I can from books, I’ve finally feel I’ve mastered the skills needed to become a confidence writer. I’ve worked main on building a C.V of published short stories and competition wins to focus on my novels.

3 thoughts on “Black Friday! No, the Magic of Books!

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with what you say here. For almost as long as I can remember all I really ever wanted at Christmas, and for my birthday, was either books or tokens.
    I certainly remember reading annuals on Christmas Day as a child. xx

  2. All I ever really wanted were books (…and perhaps Echo & the Bunnymen LPs!). Rather luckily every member of my family knows this so I do well in vouchers – though I have a strict order out to everyone not to buy me books, because of several unfortunate and rather pricey duplications that have led to some majorly large husband pet lips over the years! I have some vouchers at the moment, but have to admit I fled Waterstones last week because it is absolutely stuffed with people buying books as gifts who never normally go into book stores and who for some inexplicable reason always think I’m a member of staff…!

    Actually, that also happened in my library on Wednesday despite the fact our library staff wear a uniform and I was in a bright pink skirt. I suspect I must look very book-nerdy these days…!

    Oh, and annuals! I used to love those on Christmas Day; Blue Peter, Beano, Dandy and Smash Hits oh my!

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