A photograph of me taken by my friend Ana
A guardian Angel or a trick of the light?

I’m not sure whether I believe in such things, but after today, I’m glad my guardian angel wasn’t busy on their Iphone or with their Facebook page, but doing their job watching over me, otherwise I wouldn’t be at my keyboard now.

Today while I was driving with my friend, Ivy to have lunch with the other members of the local RNA chapter as I was approaching a roundabout I glanced into my rear-view mirror to see a car come flying over the centre of the road, from the opposite side of the dual-carriage way, narrowly missing the back of our car and crash onto the road behind us.

If I had got stuck behind another car on the approach, or arrived a second later it would have hit us. So thank you guardian angel for being there for Ivy and me.

Tomorrow I shall be safely behind my keyboard once again,

Keep safe,

Paula R. C.


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