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It’s a new day

Morning bright and full of promise
Morning bright and full of promise

This morning started with a walk. The season is really on the change now. Yesterday’s walk felt quite warm where this morning had a sharp chill in the air.  As I reach the last stage of editing my novel, I decided next year I would enter some of the bigger writing competitions to help my writing CV.

Yesterday I took time out from my editing to type up an idea I had written out in long hand and to my delight and surprise the story just flowed from me. After writing over 2k words, nearly half of what I needed for the competition, I was very pleased with my day’s work.

In the early hours of this morning, I woke suddenly with the ending of my story. I reached for my notebook and scribbled it down, not wanting to lose the idea.  So my day will now be spent writing up the rest so by the time next year start I shall have more that an ideal, but a completed story.

Have a great day and I hope ideals flow easy for you too.

Paula. R. C.



I've been busy learning the skills to become a writer over the last 10 years by writing short stories. After winning two short stories competition, I hope to find a publisher for my novels.

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