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Wow, a week gone already!


A fleeting moment

Time is flying. At the moment I’m busy putting together a collection of stories ready for an anthology. Straight forward you may think. Just sort out the ones that have already been published and stick them in a file and send to the publisher, job done.


Ahh yes, but you’re talking to a writer here. The trouble is one can always see where to make improvements. It’s that need to be happy with one’s work.

Editing is about chipping away at the body of the story and find its soul, to make it the very best it can be. By tightening your sentences you can make more of an impact with less words while keeping the flow going.

I’m afraid I can see where huge improvements can be made in my work. For the last few days I have been working on a story which has been sitting on my computer for quite a few years. It has gone through many edits before, but somehow how the impact of the piece has eluded me.

Over the passing years my skills as a writer have developed, allowing me to see far more clearly what I need to do to bring out the core of the piece. It’s that little secret all writers need to master and understand between the showing and telling.

That’s what the art of writing is all about; the learning. It’s something that doesn’t happen overnight and only comes with time and practise. img_0877

No one can truly teach you the fine art of editing. They can only teach you the basic skills in writing and editing. It’s the difference between talent and the X-factor.

I will never know whether I was born with the X-factor or not, but I shall die trying 🙂

Have a great day, and keep on writing. Our day to shine will come.

Paula R C



I've been busy learning the skills to become a writer over the last 10 years by writing short stories. After winning two short stories competition, I hope to find a publisher for my novels.

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