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Amazing Journeys. 

When you’re writing you never quite know where you are going, or where you will end up. Yes, you can plan the route you are taking, and who are the main characters that will be traveling with you. You can even decide what sort of journey you want to take, in as much as the genre you have chosen.

But, as you traveled along, you find that the journey isn’t straight forward as you might think. This is the point I’m at with my short story. 

I knew who my main narrator was, his background and what makes him tick. I knew the time and setting for my story and its genre. I also knew what l didn’t want it to be, a children’s story.

Yesterday, at last I’m making a headway. Over the weekend I did some research in to Celtic and Anglo-Saxon history and mythology. I know many other authors have made the same journey to seek out ideas. Some have spent more than just a weekend, a lifetime like JRR Tolkien.

What l discovered saddens me as l feel that many British children are missing out on their history. I was surprised to find that there is a common theme that runs through all ancient mythology. The natural world once linked all the ancient races as it gave life to us all has somehow been almost forgotten by us now once humanity turned its back on the ancient gods and raced forward embracing Christianity. 

Now as a new dawn break over the horizon of humanity and we wake up to the damage we are doing to our planet. We realise how important the natural world is to our survival, I wonder whether we will see the return of the Old Gods and what they stood for as the environment finally take centre stage again.

I just uncovered a fourteen century Welsh poem called, The Battle of the Trees. It was rewritten by the poet Robert Graves to make it easier for our understanding, but l wonder just what we have lost in our ability to simplify everything. 

As l journey on with writing my latest story, l shall wish you all a peaceful week.

Happy writing everyone,

Paula R.C. 



I've been busy learning the skills to become a writer over the last 10 years by writing short stories. After winning two short stories competition, I hope to find a publisher for my novels.

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