Gardening is like Editing

After days of being locked in my writing dungeon busy editing, I’m taking the day off and spending a few hours in my garden. I feel I need this to clear my mind and give my eyes a break too. The weather is supposed to be warming up next week here in England. We’ve had a few very cold nights and days which has held back the growth of my vegetables. I’ve planted potatoes, beans, butternuts out already and they’ve been undercover. I have more to go in, but held back in case I lost the ones in the garden to the frost. These have been growing in my kitchen. I’ve noticed too some of the trees and shrubs have shed some of their leaves as my patio is littered with leaves. In my cold frame, I’ve been growing tomato plants and they are doing very well.

Gardening and Editing has a lot in Common.

The rest of my garden especially the flower borders now need tidying. As the spring bulbs have finished flowering and shrubs have put on growth which needs to be kept in check otherwise they will smother the other plants. Gardening is like editing. You begin to recognise good gardening from lazy gardening. With good gardening you know that cutting back and taking out the dead wood allows the real beauty to shine through. The hard work in the beginning gives the best results in the end. By doing the hard work in the autumn and before winter sets in improves the garden and creates less work in the future, but the real key to success is keeping it all in check. As one season finishes a quick tidy throughout keeps everything under control.

Like editing, gardening is about cutting back and making space for the good stuff. A visitor to my garden may comment on its beauty but they don’t see the real work that has gone into it with all the planning and the pruning. That’s the same with your editing. Readers will only see the end result.

After being so busy with editing my single collection and my crime novel I’d forgotten all about my Dark Moment, You Came To Me which can be read on the Black Hare Press site Dark Moments. These stories are drabbles. If you have time please check out mine. Right, now I’m off for a day pruning. Hmm, not much difference between yesterday’s editing 😂🤣 Have a wonderful day all.

Just because I love the twinkle in his eyes, mmm.

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