One area of writing any new writer doesn’t think about when setting off on their writing journey are reviews. Reviews can be both heart warming and soul destroying. Of course, reviews are only a reader’s personal opinion, and that’s down to their personal taste in reading matter.

I find reviews interesting from a reader’s point of view. When I’m selecting a book to read I often check the reviews out of interest. Why? To start with, if the book has intrigued me enough in its blurb then I’m not going to be put off reading it. It’s mainly if I’m a little unsure if the book is the right one for me. I tend to look at the middle ratings.i.e fours and threes. I enjoy reading the most honest constructive reviews. Where the reader lists their likes and dislikes of the plot, characters etc. Whether they found the story engaging and had a satisfying ending without giving too much of the plot away.

My novella has received some wonderful and amazing Amazon reviews these have inspired me and boosted my confidence. When you set out on your writing journey you learn to grow a thick skin and become used to receiving rejections for your work, without much in the way of feedback.

Last week I received an amazing review from Sci-fi and Fantasy Reviewer for my novella, The Funeral Birds. This review was totally unexpected and I must be honest, it left me speechless. I had to read it three times and some more to make sure I had read it right. It certainly made up for all the rejection letters and emails I had received in all the years I’ve been writing. I just hope my crime novel Stone Angels is just as well received.

The most important thing any writer must take from reviews whether they are good or bad… Yes, I’m sure I will receive some of them, too now I’m a published author. Is that reviews are just for that one book, not for all your work. Reviews are down to the reader’s personal taste and every reader is different. As a good writer you must have read a good many books you didn’t like for whatever reason.

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