Marketing: the Next Stage in the Journey

It seems almost impossible to believe at the beginning of the year I had shelved my novel, Stone Angels and was busy focusing on other things. I hadn’t given up on my novel, I was just giving myself a little head space. There is only so many rejections you can deal with at one time. Once you have put in enough hours of editing, rewriting and re-reading your manuscript there’s only one option left open to you and that is to set it aside, and give yourself and it space to breathe and settle.

Focusing on new projects has help me to develop my editing skills. For the last few weeks I have been busy editing my novel with fresh eyes as I work with the publishers who has taken on Stone Angels.

Darkstroke are busy working hard to get Stone Angels ready for a pre-launch date. So I shall be keeping you up to date with the next stage. It has been long journey for my novel, but we are nowhere near the end of it. The next stage is marketing. This is where the hard work really begins. I hope you can join me and we can travel the route together. Sharing tears and anxieties as we pick our way through the minefield of marketing. I hope you will all join me in my next big adventure and that is to market my novel and drive it up the bestseller list. 📚

Remember to keep your dreams alive. There only one thing standing between you and success. That’s You! Oh, and finding enough buyers. Right, now I’m off to finish editing my novel.


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