Thoughts for 2017

Happy Christmas Dear Readers

With Christmas hours away, I’m ending 2016 full of cold. Like so many others including my husband, grandchildren and friends I succumb to a cold that after a few day you feels like you’re over the worst of it only to have it resurfaces again knock you down again. Yesterday, l woke feeling positive l was over it and making headway with my writing. 

Today l’m chilling out in front of the the TV something l don’t do often. At the moment, l’m busy editing 19 short stories for an anthology for the new year. My novel still hasn’t found a home but l’m sure it’s not long before it does. I’m in the middle of editing it again after finding some weak areas in some of the chapters.

I have three projects that l want to get finished in 2017. I had hope to write some new stories for the women’s magazines but it looks as though they are going through some huges changes, so l think l shall stay focused on novels and the occasional writing competitions.

If you are looking for an online writing group to join I have a group on Facebook call ‘For Writers (only ) writing without fear of Rejections . I listed anything from Competitions, Agents, Publishers as well as articles on writing, books and all news links to books, and publishing world. 

I hope you all have a great day tomorrow and a positive New Year.

Best wishes,

Paula R.C.

A Great Time in London


I didn’t allow my nerves to get the better of me.

Believe it or not, but twenty years ago I was a totally different person, shy and always in the background. I don’t even recognise myself sometimes these days.


Oh yes, you may say we’ve all aged, but I’m not talking about the person I see in the mirror. I’m talking about the person I am inside.

Everyone’s life is a journey. I always believed that anything is possible if you can just find the strength within you. In the past, I would tell myself that things can only get better, if I kept the faith and kept moving forwards.

I was right.

Today, as I sit here sharing my news with you, I’m fulfilling my dreams of become a published writer because of my darling husband and with the support two amazing friends. On Saturday we travelled up to London to take part in the Bridge House and Chapel Book launch of their two new anthologies, Cafelit 5 and Baubles 

Ana, Joan and Russell toasting my success in having two more stories published.


As this year slowly comes to an end, I’m pleased with my achievement to date. Though I didn’t fulfil the promise I made to myself about getting my novel published this year, at least know in my heart that I’m one step closer.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

I know I’ve still got a long journey ahead of me, but I’m not travelling it alone.

Thank you, Russell, Ana and Joan.

Bye for now,

Paula R C



The Glass Slipper Company

My latest short story is now available on Kindle. To find out what Mabel the retired fairy godmother is up to now she got plenty of free time on her hand.

Go to Amazon following this link to ‘Baubles‘ is an anthology full of amazing stories by writers in their own unique style. 

Have a great weekend,

Paula RC

Another new story

In December my husband, two of our friends and me will be traveling up to London to the launch of another Bridge House Publishing Anthology, ‘Baubles’.

My short story ‘The Glass Slipper Company’ was accepted in July to be included in their collection.

Here is a link to the trailer, with my story The Glass Slipper Company   in it. Keep a sharp eye out for story’s picture its towards the end.

Have a great weekend,

Paula RC,

Going nowhere fast.

When I took redundancy from my full-time job it was with the idea I would spend all day everyday writing. Well, that was the plan.

Today while chatting on the phone with my brother, we spoke about the fact that when you retire the day seem to fly by, and you wonder where the time has gone. My brother said he had a theory that at work, you are told you must get something done within a certain time. When you are at home the time is your own, you do things at your own pace.

I said, my problem is I get side-tracked. Coming home from the post office for my husband, I landed up tidying the garden after filling the green bin. I dug over the last two vegetable plots, and then hoovered the house, dusted the bedroom and did some washing as it was a lovely morning.

I try to spend as much time as possible at the keyboard, but there are jobs I have to do around the house. By 3.30 I stop what I’m doing and start getting dinner ready. As this was the only stipulation my husband made when it was agreed that I should take redundancy and focus on my writing.  So my job is to have a meal on the table ready for when he comes home from work.

At the moment as far as my writing is concerned I’m still waiting to hear back from a publisher. I have sent off a submission to a magazine, and I’m still editing a pocket novel. So as you can see I’m still busy working on my dream.Internet google quote

Hope to have something positive to report soon.

Have a great weekend,

Paula R. C.

No Rest for the Wicked (Writer)

Rejection2As writers we all know about the waiting game. After receiving one rejection on my novel this week, I’m getting a bit impatient as I wait to hear back from two other publishers. The one this week sent quite a positive rejection in praise of both my writing style and plotline. They even gave me advice to where I should try sending my novel, which was kind of them.

Now there are two things I can do while I’m waiting. Pace the floor and keep checking my email account, or…

Do publishers work at the weekend?

They must, mustn’t they? I mean they have a lot of submissions to work through so they can’t have time off.

They must understand how important it is for a writer to know whether their work has been accepted or not. And then there’s all those hundreds of copies of their books waiting to be sold, as well as interviews and book launches us writers have planned to promote our newly published novel…

So they can’t even think about having a holiday either.

Okay, okay I know…. It all takes time and everyone needs time off to rest. I have plenty I could be getting on with while I’m waiting.  I’m busy focusing on my next writing project.

Hello! I thought I heard my Ipad pinging to let me know I have an email.

Oh no, its just nothing. 😦

Now where was I? I must stay focused.

Have a great weekend,

Paula R C.