Going nowhere fast.

When I took redundancy from my full-time job it was with the idea I would spend all day everyday writing. Well, that was the plan.

Today while chatting on the phone with my brother, we spoke about the fact that when you retire the day seem to fly by, and you wonder where the time has gone. My brother said he had a theory that at work, you are told you must get something done within a certain time. When you are at home the time is your own, you do things at your own pace.

I said, my problem is I get side-tracked. Coming home from the post office for my husband, I landed up tidying the garden after filling the green bin. I dug over the last two vegetable plots, and then hoovered the house, dusted the bedroom and did some washing as it was a lovely morning.

I try to spend as much time as possible at the keyboard, but there are jobs I have to do around the house. By 3.30 I stop what I’m doing and start getting dinner ready. As this was the only stipulation my husband made when it was agreed that I should take redundancy and focus on my writing.  So my job is to have a meal on the table ready for when he comes home from work.

At the moment as far as my writing is concerned I’m still waiting to hear back from a publisher. I have sent off a submission to a magazine, and I’m still editing a pocket novel. So as you can see I’m still busy working on my dream.Internet google quote

Hope to have something positive to report soon.

Have a great weekend,

Paula R. C.

No Rest for the Wicked (Writer)

Rejection2As writers we all know about the waiting game. After receiving one rejection on my novel this week, I’m getting a bit impatient as I wait to hear back from two other publishers. The one this week sent quite a positive rejection in praise of both my writing style and plotline. They even gave me advice to where I should try sending my novel, which was kind of them.

Now there are two things I can do while I’m waiting. Pace the floor and keep checking my email account, or…

Do publishers work at the weekend?

They must, mustn’t they? I mean they have a lot of submissions to work through so they can’t have time off.

They must understand how important it is for a writer to know whether their work has been accepted or not. And then there’s all those hundreds of copies of their books waiting to be sold, as well as interviews and book launches us writers have planned to promote our newly published novel…

So they can’t even think about having a holiday either.

Okay, okay I know…. It all takes time and everyone needs time off to rest. I have plenty I could be getting on with while I’m waiting.  I’m busy focusing on my next writing project.

Hello! I thought I heard my Ipad pinging to let me know I have an email.

Oh no, its just nothing. 😦

Now where was I? I must stay focused.

Have a great weekend,

Paula R C.

Back at my keyboard

The way through the woods.jpgAfter being busy few months with my house and garden, I managed to get back to my keyboard and head down to finish editing my novel, ‘Stone Angels’. This is now with the publisher who requested the full MS after reading my submission.

I’ve decided to step back from starting work on my fourth novel, another crime story, and focus on finishing my pocket novel for ‘My Weekly’. Back in February, I received some great feedback about my writing style and main characters from the editor, but she wanted me to ‘kill off’ some of other my other characters.

In her words… ‘Pocket novels don’t usually have so many attractive men.’ She asked me to give her a ring so we could chat about the plot, which I did.

I had sent in my submission for the pocket novel while waiting to hear back from a publisher, about my crime novel, but when I was asked to make such huge changes to the construction of the plot line by removing some of the secondary characters like a house of cards it fell apart. Realising I had a huge job ahead me, I had to rewrite the synopsis. By the time I started working on the reconstruction of pocket novel I heard back from the publisher about my main novel, so I set it to one side again.

So here I am once again rebuilding my pocket novel. At last I think I know where I can go with the storyline. Hopefully the editor, from My Weekly, will be pleased with the changes too.

Have a break from crime with help clear my mind of my last serial killer as I turn to writing romance before tacking my next full crime novel.

Thicking plot
Ace Writer

In December I’m going to London to the launch of two new anthologies. I’m pleased to say that I have a story in both of them and will share more news about it soon.

Have a great week and I hope to catch up with you all soon.


Paula R C







Belief… in a shadow world

Poppy and honey bee 10616Belief is tough. It happens on so many levels. One has to question everything and then place your trust in what you believe.

Religion is a touchy subject. Today I’m not even sure I believe in God. Oh don’t get me wrong. I believe in a super power. The power of Mother Nature. The life force of all creation. For instant, take the humble honey bee. This tiny creature who busily minds its own business and stay focus on getting its job done, holds our life on its back legs. As it collect the grains of pollen buzzing from plant to plant doing a vital job in keeping the planet alive.  Yet the humble bee is endangered, a tiny link in a delicate chain of life that once lost can put all our lives at risk.

At the moment the news is full of people doing terrible things in the name of their belief, but belief doesn’t have to be a religious thing.

Belief for me is believing in others. Humans are complex. Yes, I know we all have suffered at the hands of others. I guess you like me and many others have life stories of where we have put our trust in others only to have that trust, broken, abuse or misused.

It’s a lesson learnt.

Life as well as belief is about growing as a person. Gaining knowledge and adapting. For just over two years now my belief has taken a hammering. Those people closes to me know the full story so I shall not be going into the nitty-gritty on here.  My belief in my son and our relationship suffered. The person I thought I knew and nurtured disappeared from my life. As a mother you accepted there will come a time your children will let go of the ties of childhood and move on to create a life of their own. You have belief in them making wise choices, that all your guidance will hold them steadfast.

As my mother slipped away from her life here, my son’s life unravelled. His totalled belief in others cause him to turned his back on us, cutting us out of his life. Once his faith in them was complete they then rob him of everything even his sanity.

My hands were tied. I could only stand by and watch helplessly as both my mother and son moved forward onto the next stage of their lives.

Letting go isn’t easy, but while those around me could only give me comfort I had to dig deep to find my belief. In the last three years my son has become a father and I a grandmother. Where others have rejoiced in their title change neither my son nor I have been allowed. We stand together in a shadow world, catching only glimpse of what could be. As my granddaughter, Lilly and, my soon to be born grandson, Logan grow in a world without my son and me, I have belief that there will come a time when they will want to know more about us and seek us out freely without the restriction of others.

Over these difficult times I have seen a huge change in my son. His need for my forgiveness has strengthen our relationship and my belief in him is slowly healing.

Letting go of the past takes strength and courage, but it’s also about growing too. After losing not just the family he thought he was creating, but his home and full-time job my son has moved forward with his life. Yesterday, he brightened my day with good news. He was offered a full-time position working in a local care home.

For the first time in a long time  I heard excitement in my son’s voice as he talks about the broken men in his care. Using all his love, kindness and patient my son has to give as a new father, he  is now redirected it towards people who are vulnerable and need his patients and understanding.   Seeing my son’s confidence and belief in himself restored has helped me find my belief in both our futures.Stay postive

I’m looking forward to 2017 with restored faith.

Have a great weekend.


Paula R. C.

I’m back!

Well, not quite. Yes, I know how am I suppose to get a novel published if I’m not at my keyboard. I agree, but my husband and I were busy celebrating ten years of happy marriage at the weekend and it took a lot of preparation to get ready. It’s my darling husband who has given me the freedom to write so it’s only fair that I give him some special time.

The weather was great and we were able to open our ‘Pub’ the Pen and Gavel for our family and friends.

Today, I shall be writing a ‘thank you’ card to everyone who came and shared our special day with us and then I shall be back to sorting out my novel.

Writing has been in my thoughts while I’ve been busy in the house and garden. I had three short stories out in the big wide world. One I entered into a competition which didn’t come anywhere, but on Sunday I received news that my story ‘The Glass Slipper Company’ has been selected for publication, so the rejection is forgotten. More news about it later in the year.

Have a great weekend,

Paula R. C.


Getting nowhere fast

Bug and rose 13616After a lot of heavy rain, I’m glad to say my garden is looking quite wonderful.  My husband and I have been busy getting things ready for our garden party in July. I’ve been busy creating a small painting too.

“Oh, what happened to your novel, I thought you were busy editing?” I can hear you shouting.

Yes, I am still working on it, but at the moment I’m tearing myself in half getting the house and garden ready for when our family and friends come round to help us celebrate our wedding anniversary.

When we got married ten years ago, my husband turned the garage into a pub.  At the time we bought a little pub sign to hang outside of it, but over these last ten years it has faded away, so I’m making our own one.

At the weekend, I did some more work on my novel. It’s improving nicely, growing stronger and tighter too.

In a way it’s kind of like my garden. While I’ve been busy cutting out the rubbish, deadheading the roses, tidying up the borders, and reseeding the lawns to improve the look of it I’m doing the same with my novel.  Squirrel1a 10616

Like my garden, it’s something that can’t be rushed if I want it to look its best come July. Looking at the fine details can only make things look a hundred percent better and with my novel make it a much more enjoyable read. 🙂

Happy Writing,

Paula R. C.